There has always been a keen interest in boats in our company, especially in propellers and how they can be improved. We also want to pass down a tradition of propeller manufacturing that has existed in these parts of Finland since the 1960′s.

We want to create propellers that are characterized by Finnish craftsmanship

Most of the larger propeller manufacturers are located in North America and Asia. We don’t think it’s fair that a customer in Europe or the Nordic countries should have to put up with delivery times that are several weeks longer than necessary. Because of our proximity to the European market, we can provide much faster delivery times than our larger competitors. High quality customer service and craftsmanship are standard, and we develop custom propellers for clients with high expectations. In Finland, we are committed to manufacturing parts and products that last, in stark contrast to the throw-away society of today. Our propellers are made to last. A Steelcraft propeller will not be in need of replacement anytime soon.



”Every assignment is unique and we continually challenge our way of thinking. If there’s a better solution out there, we will find it. We are proactive and suggest solutions that simplify and improve.”

– Björn Björklund



Steelcraft Propellers