Steelcraft Propellers

Custom made boat propellers in Duplex stainless steel – for boat owners who simply demand the best.


Steelcraft’s propellers are manufactured in Pietarsaari, the center of Finland’s world-famous boat building industry. In over 50 years of experience, we have learned to make some of the most durable and high-performance propellers on the market. The propellers increase speed while reducing noise and fuel consumption. In addition, thanks to the robust qualities of Duplex steel, Steelcraft propellers are extremely durable, withstanding minor groundings and coping with icy waters with ease.

Pilot boat

Båtpropeller för lotsbåtar

Because pilot boats are also active in the wintertime, they need durable propellers that can stand up to thick ice. Our propellers are also shaped to lower fuel consumption.

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For emergency and police boats

För pilot- och polisbåtar

Our blades are pitched to maximize power delivery from the engine. Made from Duplex stainless steel, the propellers are built to stand up to the rigors of emergency service.

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Yachts and Pleasure craft

Större fritidsbåtar och lyxyachter

Our custom made propellers are perfectly suited for yachts and pleasure craft. The propellers are engineered to be noticeably quieter while improve the efficiency of power delivery.

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Boat propellers for fishing boats

Båtpropeller till fiskebåtar

Our Duplex stainless steel propellers are made to withstand the harsh weather conditions of the Nordic winter, easily coping with ice impacts and minor groundings of the winter and early spring.

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Why choose Steelcraft Propellers?

  1. Steelcraft Propellers are manufactured in Finland out of stainless duplex steel which is twice as strong as regular steel.
  2. In addition to being stronger, the Steelcraft Propeller is quieter, has better grip in the water, increased speed and lower fuel consumption.
  3. Steelcraft Propellers are manufactured to cope with thick blocks of ice.
  4. Steelcraft Propellers are used by those who demand endurance, for example pilot boats and fishing boats.
  5. Steelcraft Propellers are custom made for each vessel. Dimensions are generally 16”–35”.
  6. Steelcraft Propellers will always be repairable. It is a lifetime investment that will never lose its value.

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Steelcraft propellers